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How IT Works

Create a new model

Create and set the configuration parameters of a model in a minute or less.

Input the assumptions

Delfos will guide you to enter the financial information of your company such as revenues, costs, labor, financing, and more.

Get your company financial forecast

Delfos will calculate all the entered values and give your company's financial statements, financial ratios, and graphs.

What set Delfos appart

  • No expertise in finance or accounting required.
  • No extensive documentation to read.
  • Intuitive and responsive user interface.
  • Rapid results.
  • Accurate and reliable.
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Features Included

  • Accounting based
  • Unlimited # of models
  • 36-month detail
  • Sales and revenue forecasting
  • Direct Cost forecasting
  • Personnel forecasting
  • Expenses forecasting
  • Fixed assets
  • Financing and investment
  • Financial Statement forecasting
  • Cash Flow forecasting
  • Monthly detailed charts
  • Financial ratios analysis

Useful for every industry



Companies that sell goods such as clothing or groceries, directly to consumers. Usually, resell the goods to obtain a profit.



Factories that process manually or automatically several raw materials to obtain a final product.


Billed Hours

Any kind of services that are charged to a client according to an agreed upon hourly rate.


Subscription - Saas

Selling a product or service and collecting recurring revenue for continuing to provide that service or product. It implies taking into account up-front fees, recurring charges, sign-ups, churn rates, etc.

Automatically anticipate potential cash shortages and funding requirements months ahead.

Delfos is a tool specially designed to get results quickly. You can edit and revise the forecast of your company over and over so you anticipate potential cash shortages and funding requirements months ahead.

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